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About Us

The Metro East Organizing Coalition is grassroots, faith-based community transformation initiative created for the express purpose of building a personal and collective growth culture in the Metro East area and East St. Louis in particular. We are committed to ending gun violence and mass incarceration. We are a movement for racial and economic dignity. We mobilize communities of faith to build power. We propose to implement proven strategies steeped in public health culture to integrate a group violence intervention, hospital linked violence prevention program and a community help center to create a trusted space for residents to reach out and touch. 


The social bonds that are created at community help centers build strong, safe and inclusive communities; social interaction, volunteerism, civic pride and aesthetics all play a role. After-school programs can help deter at-risk youth from criminal activities and can provide a constructive environment. 

Metro East Organizing Coalition has been very active in the East St. Louis Metro Area has been active in many ways.  To name a few things;
  • Peace Walks in the John D. Shields Apartment Complex

  • Peace Walks in Greystone Apartment Complex 

  • Peace walks in The Samuel Gompers

  • Gave out toys and food in hotspot areas of the city

  • Sponsored a youth movie night at East St. Louis City Hall

  • Hosting Monthly Organizing Training in person pre-Covid and currently via zoom

  • Organized Peace Week for East St. Louis

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  • Worship Service at St. Luke

  • Community Silent March for Peace

  • Movie Night

  • Pastor’s Theological Training Brunch

  • Resume Development Workshop

  • Career Job Day EXPO

  • Middle School Reading Day

  • Led the East St. Louis census campaign (No Count No Cut)

  • Donated several thousand PPE kits during Covid and still distributing

  • Hosted Gun Violence Town Hall

  • Hosted Mental Health and Covid19 virtual event

Our theory of change includes creating projects to link East St. Louis residents to opportunities for:
  • Violence Intervention

  • Income Development

  • Food Security

  • Parenting Assistance

  • Adult education

  • Youth Services

  • Entrepreneurial Training

  • Resource Information

  • Women’s Self Help Groups

  • Mentoring

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