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About MEOC

​Healing Families, Building Communities!

Metro East Organizing Coalition is grassroots, faith-based community transformation initiative created for the express purpose of building a personal and collective growth culture in the Metro East area and East St. Louis in particular. We are committed to ending gun violence and mass incarceration. We are a movement for racial and economic dignity. We mobilize communities of faith to build power. We propose to implement proven strategies steeped in public health culture to integrate a group violence intervention, hospital linked violence prevention program and a community help center to create a trusted space for residents to reach out and touch. 

The social bonds that are created at community help centers build strong, safe and inclusive communities; social interaction, volunteerism, civic pride and aesthetics all play a role. After-school programs can help deter at-risk youth from criminal activities and can provide a constructive environment. 


We Have the Healing Our Families Listening Campaign & Illinois Metro-East Poor People's Campaign Launch.

We have been in the thrust of MEOC’s Healing Our Families Campaign. We realize that it will take all of our collective power to get the needed changes for our region. We have been collaborating with our partners for our upcoming event. August 7th, 2021, 12pm-2pm. We will be doing an official launch of the Metro-East Poor Peoples Campaign. It is an extension to MEOC’s work. The launch will be held at 2511 State Street, E. St. Louis, Illinois. We will also be commemorating Black August.



Stay in the Know

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Columbia woman pitching in to help East St. Louis.


Seeking Justice for Slain Loved Ones

In 2020, there were 36 homicides in East St. Louis. A Belleville News-Democrat investigation found that 75% of the 453 homicides from 2000 to 2018 in East St. Louis remained unsolved as of 2019.

“East St. Louis has been known as the place where people get murdered all the time.  Right now we are working to try to change the image that is in East St. Louis.”


"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James


Our Partners & Sponsors

  •   Life Outside of Violence  

  • Cardinal Glennon SSM Hospital

  • The Rehoboth Project

  • Poor People's Campaign

  • Moms Demand Action-Metro East

  • Families Against Gun Violence

  • Crime Survivors Safety and Justice-E St Louis Chapter

  • Empire 13

  • St. Luke AME

  • Shiloh AME

  •  Rising Star Church

  • God Inspired Apostolic Church

  • Moore’s Temple COGIC

  • Empowerment of Grace

  • Sunshine Cultural Arts Center

  • REC Team

  •  Community Development Sustainable Solutions

  • Love Fellowship Church

  • Restoration Outreach Center

  •  Thrive Church

  •  Christian Growth Center

  • Connections for Success

  •  Eden Theological Seminary

  • Solid Lines Production

  • VPC Municipal Engagement Task-force

  •  Poor People’s Campaign 


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